Conseq Investment Management, a. s.

Address and contacts:

Burzovní palác, Rybná 682/14 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 225 988 225
fax: +420 225 988 202


KPMG Česká republika Audit, s.r.o. 

Association membership:

Association for Capital Markets (AKAT)

Shareholders with more than a 10% equity share:

Ing. Jan Vedral – 47,78 % of equity
Ing. Aurelian Teppervien – 20.01 % of equity
Mgr. Hana Blovská – 17,47 % of equity


Conseq Investment Management, a. s. belongs to the Conseq group

Board of Directors:

Ing. Jan Vedral, Chairman
Mgr. Hana Blovská, Vice-Chairwoman
Ing. Richard Siuda, Member
Ing. Ondřej Matuška, Member
Ing. Tomáš Vystrčil, Member
Ing. Lukáš Vácha, Member

Supervisory Board:

Ing. Aurelian Teppervien, Chairman
Ing. Martina Čermáková, Vice-Chairwoman
Andrea Krumlová Teppervienová, Member

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