Why choose Conseq Investment Management?

We understand you your needs.

We have a profound knowledge of the Czech environment:

Conseq Investment Management (as a dedicated Czech company) fully understands the needs of Czech investors. Typically, they are conservative and they earn and spend predominantly in Czech crowns. That is why Czech investors generally try to maximize the crown value of their investments.

We specialize in Czech investors:

The basic currency of our products is the Czech crown. Thanks to this arrangement we do not expose our clients to undesirable fluctuations of foreign exchange rates. However, if clients wish to invest in foreign currencies, or if they intend to invest outside our “investment universe”, i.e. outside the financial markets of newly acceded Central-European EU countries, we can offer the investment products of partner investment managers from renowned international financial institutions.

We conform to your needs:

The benefit of being a private company, allows us to adjust the portfolio of products and services to our clients´ needs without lengthy approval processes. For example, if our clients or sales representatives require a specific product, we are able to respond to such a demand within a few weeks. Where this concerns an investment in assets other than those in which we specialize, we can usually satisfy this demand through a partner's premium products.

We value trust:

One of our main objectives is to build up and maintain the trust of our clients and sales representatives. We view trust as the most valuable asset a financial institution needs to be successful. This is underscored by our policy that, if we had to opt between the loss of a client’s trust and a financial loss, we would take the financial loss, we prefer the financial loss, as it is easily recoverable, whereas lost trust is much more difficult to get back.

We behave transparently:

We strive to be highly open with our information when providing reports on portfolios and on the funds that we manage, as well as in the presentation of our financial reports. Highs and lows are natural developments on financial markets which we endeavour to communicate openly to our clients. We are convinced that regular and open communication with clients and sales representatives at all times is crucial in maintaining mutual trust.

We guarantee continuity of business relations:

Conseq has enjoyed a successful local market presence since 1995. The Czech market is absolutely critical to our business. Therefore there is no threat of the sudden termination of our operations in the Czech Republic, which would cause our clients or distributing partners problems. With us, clients and business partners have a guarantee of continuity and integrity in business relations.

We bear personal responsibility:

Conseq Investment Management has a transparent shareholding structure. The biggest shareholders of the company are also its managers. Since the very foundation of the company, they have contributed to its development and stand behind each step taken to increase quality of provided services. It is they who bear full responsibility.

We offer top end products

Our investment team - under the leadership of the company founder Jan Vedral - is one of the most experienced investment teams in the field, specializing in investments on the financial markets of the new EU member states in the Central Europe region, and has achieved excellent long-term results here.

We want to maximize results:

Average results mean nothing to us. Instead, we always want to provide our clients with the best possible results to be made on the market at a given time. Our goal is not to replicate the performance of the market on which we are investing. We want to beat the market. This is consistent with our active investment style and our choice of cooperating partners.
Similarly our partners, whose products we use, are internationally renowned investment managers specializing in a given region or class of assets. Their long-term results place them at the top of the industry globally, establishing a solid platform for the funds they manage to make consistently above-average returns.

Now you can enter the world of investments from one site:

By combining our regional investment experience and capabilities with the experience and capabilities of our partners on global markets, we have a comprehensive portfolio of top investment products available to our clients and sales representative on a single site.

We care for you

The field in which we do business is generally referred to as “financial services”. Having chosen this sector of our own accord, we are fully aware that our mission is to serve our customers and business representatives. Our market position subjects us to tougher conditions than our competitors, who tend to be big domestic banks and branches of renowned international banks. Therefore, to be competitive, we have to provide our services at the highest possible standard. Moreover, we have always focused in particular on institutional investors, whose demands on quality, timeliness, and scope and range of service provision are truly enormous. For us, it is important to satisfy these requirements fully, so that we can keep hold of such customers and ensure their absolute satisfaction. We strive to provide our clients with individual care and adapt our services to their needs and wishes. 
We strive to offer our business representatives the same standard provided to our institutional investors. Our collaboration is based upon the philosophy that “the sales representative sells and Conseq takes care of everything else”. In other words: we are aware that it is much harder to pitch a financial product with success than to create one. Therefore, we try to provide them with the conditions they need to focus on dealing with clients.

We offer you friendship:

In our relationship building, it is our belief that it is always better to do business with friends than with enemies. Therefore, we pay special attention to communication with our clients and sales representatives as a collaboration based on trust and respect.

We are independent

Conseq Investment Management is a private and independent company not belonging to any other group of banks or insurance companies. This delivers clear benefits to our clients and business representatives. When selecting investment companies whose funds we wish to include in our product portfolio, we are not limited to companies connected by capital, so we can focus solely on the quality of products and services offered by them. The same is true when selecting traders through whom we carry out transactions on the capital markets, as well as custodians, who settle deals and administer accounts for us and our clients. Our independence makes it possible for us to negotiate the best possible terms for our clients.

No conflicts of interest:
Conseq Investment Management almost does not trade on its own account and does not provide investment banking services. This rules out conflicts between the interest of clients whose portfolios we manage and our own interests or those of issuers whose securities form a part of client portfolios. The same applies to the risk of abuse of inside information.

We do not compete with each other:
Conseq Investment Management does not run its own sales network and therefore does not compete with the sales representatives with whom it works.

We do not have to limit ourselves

We guarantee you one hundred per cent support

What we do, we do well

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