How to start investing

Investing is not as difficult as it seems to many people. The first step – perhaps the hardest one – is to select the purpose for which you intend to use your money and because of which you want to invest.

Is the invested money to serve as an emergency reserve, placed in a very conservative yet delivering better returns than a time-deposit in a bank? Or do you want to deposit a part of your income on a regular basis and create a reserve for your pension over the long term? Or perhaps you have “extra money” and you want to see it appreciate at more than the average rate over a long-term horizon?

These and other questions can be found in the investment questionnaire, and the outcome can usually define the main direction of your investments.

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Our first advice is to avoid short-term speculation in the hope of making a quick profit. Financial markets can be very tricky over a short-term horizon, but work absolutely reliably in the long term. Short-term speculation and efforts to “time the market”, can return fast profits, but also result in swift, painful losses. Conversely, a reliable guideline for savings and their meaningful appreciation is long-term investing associated with responsible adherence to investment discipline.

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