Wide range of quality products from prestigious companies.

Conseq Investment Management offers a wide range of quality products composed of its own Conseq Invest, Conseq Funds investiční společnost and QI investiční společnost, funds, as well as the funds of our product partners – Aberdeen, Amundi, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Credit Suisse, C-Quadrat, Generali, HSBC, Franklin Templeton Investments NN(L) Investment Partners, Fidelity, BlackRock etc.

It is our independence in selecting the best from the range of our own funds and the funds of other independent investment companies which gives our clients a high value-added end product because their funds are broadly diversified within the framework of a single product – “under one roof”.

    How to start investing

    Investing is not as difficult as it seems to many people. The first step – perhaps the hardest one – is to select the purpose for which you intend to use your money and because of which you want to invest.

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