Horizont Invest

(Contract on the administration of a portfolio for the relocation of investment programmes)

The Horizont Invest investment programme is a life cycle” product. These products are very popular worldwide, especially for long-term regular investment programmes, typically pension plans. Here, we provide the administration of a participation-certificate portfolio, in which returns are gradually “locked-in”, because, over time, the share of equity funds in the product structure is gradually reduced and the share of bond and money market funds is increased ( “re-allocation”). This process of making the portfolio gradually more conservative is planned with regard to the time horizon of the investment and protects the investor’s resources from a significant equity-market drop as the planned date for the withdrawal of money approaches. 

Again, this programme includes not only our own Conseq Invest funds, but also Parvest and Franklin Templeton funds, i.e. the funds of other and inter-independent investment managers. 

Investors can choose one of the three portfolios – Dynamic, Growth, or Balanced. The selection of the portfolio determines the distribution of resources among individual funds before re-allocation commences. The Dynamic portfolio offers the biggest potential of return and risk, as it almost exclusively contains equity funds. On the other hand, the Balanced portfolio is the most conservative because, from the very beginning of the programme, it contains a larger proportion of conservative funds (bonds and money market funds).

By gradually reducing the share of equity funds and increasing the weight of conservative funds, the composition of the portfolios gradually converges. More details on the investment policies of individual portfolios, their current composition and historical performance can be found in the section on the Administration of portfolios.

The re-allocation portfolios of the Horizont Invest programme can also be invested in:

  • on a single-time basis, and/or 
  • through regular investments.

The minimum amount of the first single-time investment is CZK 10,000 per portfolio; the minimum additional single-time investment in the same portfolio is CZK 2,000.
The minimum amount of a regular investment is CZK 500 monthly or CZK 1,500 quarterly per portfolio. 

The entrance fee depends on the type of portfolio selected and on the amount of investment – see the summary of fees.