Terms and conditions for using the website

These terms and conditions (hereinafter only the “Terms and Conditions”) govern the terms and conditions for using the website www.conseq.pl (hereinafter only the “Conseq website”). The producer and operator of the Conseq website is the company Conseq Investment Management, a.s. (hereinafter only “Conseq”).
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Copyright and trade marks

The user hereby acknowledges that the contents and structure of the Conseq website are protected by copyright and Conseq is a registered trademark.

The information contained on the Conseq website must not be interpreted as provison of a license of the right to use any image, trademark, service mark, or logo contained on these websites.

Content of the Conseq website

All pieces of information stated on the Conseq website serve only to inform. The contents of the Conseq website are prepared from resources, which Conseq considers to be trustworthy. However, in no case can Conseq be held responsible for the accuracy of such information.

Conseq hereby reserves the right to amend, or remove any part of the Conseq website contents, without any prior warning.
Information, data, analyses, opinions, standpoints, or other communications published on the Conseq website must be considered in relation to the conditions, under which these were worked out and as of the moment of their first publishing on the Conseq website.

Unless otherwise stated, the contents of the Conseq website do not represent an offer, investment or other recommendation, proposal, or call to submit a proposal to buy and/or sell any investment instrument, or a call, incentive, or proposal to conclude a contract, or start negotiations regarding any transaction, or any other act by Conseq.

Before making any investment decision, it is therefore desirable to consult your financial situation with your financial advisor. In accordance with the rules valid for collective investments, Conseq would like to draw your attention to the risks associated with investing into security instruments, as well as to other important information, which can be found here.

Rights of the Conseq website user

The Conseq website is designed only for personal need of its user.

Without the Conseq company´s prior written consent, the user is not authorized to (i) archive, disseminate, or disclose to the public any details, data and articles stated on this website, while this prohibition also extends to dissemination of names, including presentation of the contents within the framework of other databases and works; (ii) use the contents of the Conseq website for systematic processing, creation of databases and other activities than for his/her personal need; (iii) to create a direct link (hypertext link) to the contents on the Conseq website.

In the event that consent is received from the Conseq company, Conseq must always be stated as a source of information and the used file cannot be modified as far as its contents are concerned, or otherwise.

Any interventions into the technical, or content layout and character of the Conseq website are prohibited.

Legal disclaimer: exclusion of responsibilities and warranties

Every user uses the Conseq website at their own risk.

Conseq does not guarantee accuracy of information contained on this website, nor does it guarantee trouble free functioning of the website.

Conseq cannot be held liable for any contingent direct, or indirect damage incurred in connection with connecting to and using the Conseq website, and further for the damage incurred on the grounds of its partial an/or complete inoperability, impossibility to connect to this website and/or impossibility to use its contents.

Conseq is also not responsible whatsoever for advertising, or as the case may by, other form of promotion carried out by a third party by means of the Conseq website.

Conseq cannot be held responsible for contents, or contingent inoperability of the internet sites, which are available by means of the Conseq website, as well as for obligations of persons, who offer, provide, or procure services on such internet sites. Conseq is not responsible for the contents of the internet sites, from which the Conseq website can be accessed, or for obligations of persons, who offer, provide, or procure services on such internet sites.

Handling registered user’s data and details

Access to the My Conseq section on the Conseq Website can be fully or partially conditioned by the provision of some personal details of a user within the terms of the Act no. 101/2000 Coll, on personal data protection and on alteration of other legislation, as amended. In such a case Conseq shall treat this data in compliance with legal regulations and always in such a manner so that it prevents harm to any person, to which the data relates. All information stated on the Conseq website in the My Conseq section is confidential and is intended to be used only by a person authorized for the particular service. Copying, distribution, or publishing of such information is strictly prohibited. These pieces of information do not replace account statements and information, which is sent to the Client directly by Conseq.

Cookie statement

The Conseq website stores files commonly known as cookies – small data files used by the websites you have visited to remember what you have done and what your settings are so that you do not have to do enter this information repeatedly – on your device in accordance with the law. Although cookies present no danger, they are relevant for privacy protection. Cookies cannot be used to identify site visitors or to hack login details.

The Conseq website also uses third-party cookies, e.g. those of Google services (Google Analytics, including advertiser features, and Google AdWords). As these cookies are under third-party control, we have no access to read or write such data.

Cookie consent

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Validity and effect

Unless expressly provided otherwise, these Terms and conditions are valid and effective as of the day of their first publication on the Conseq website.