Individual portfolio

Individual portfolio is a flexible product designed for the most demanding clients.

The investment policy can be set individually according to the client's needs.

The historically oldest and still the most significant business activity of Conseq Investment Management is administration of individual portfolios for:

  • institutional investors (insurance companies, investment funds, pension funds, etc.);
  • public sector (state funds, municipalities);
  • private clients;
  • enterprises (appreciation of their monetary reserves).

From the share classes point of view CIM administers the following portfolios:

  • bond portfolios with the focus on bonds denominated in Czech crowns and other currencies of the countries acceding the EU (Polish zloty, Hungarian forint, Slovak crown, Romanian lei, etc.);
  • share portfolios with the focus on shares traded on the “new Europe” markets (CR, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Baltic countries, the Balkans);
  • money market portfolios with the focus on the Czech crown, Euro and American dollar.

Institutional classes of participation certificates

Apart from administering individual portfolios, Conseq Investment Management prepared for institutional and corporate clients special (institutional) classes of participation certificates of investment funds, the returns on which are paid out in the form of a dividend, which enjoys a more advantageous tax mode than revenues from interests, or capital appreciation, also which bears lower fees.

Why to choose us

Experience with administration of portfolios

Conseq Finance have been providing investment management (administration of individual portfolios) to their clients as a service, since 1996.
In order to meet the requirement for separation of investment management services from brokering activities, the purpose of which was to preclude the possibility of the creation of conflict of interests, in 2001 we transferred all activities in the field of investment management to the newly incorporated company Conseq Investment Management.
Since the very beginning our biggest strength has been administration of portfolios of fixed interest rate securities denominated in Czech crowns and other currencies of Central European countries acceding the EU. In this area we rank amongst the best investment managers (measured by performance of the portfolios administered by us). As far as administration of share portfolios is concerned, even here we specialize in countries of our region and achieve very satisfactory results.

Inventive investment team

Conseq Investment Management, a.s. employs a quality investment team, which is lead by the founder of the company Ing. Jan Vedral, whose investment experience goes back to the very beginnings of the Czech capital market.

Quality customer service

With regards to the fact that our main clients are renowned insurance companies and the biggest domestic corporations, which are the most demanding clients as far as customer service and reporting quality is concerned, we are used to providing services with the utmost care and professionalism and at the highest possible standard.

Long-time performance of managed portfolios in excess of average

Individual portfolios as well as open investment funds managed by the Conseq Investment Management team achieve an above average performance on a long-term basis.

Individual approach

With regards to the diversity of requirements of our clients, we consider an individual approach to be a matter-of-course:

  • during development of the proposal of the portfolio investment focus 
  • in reporting 
  • in other accompanying services always based upon the client’s requirements

Careful monitoring and observing of contractual investment limits

Our system and internal procedures secure everyday monitoring of both statutory limits, as well as the limits set forth individually in the contract with a client.

Tax optimization

Variety of our clients brings along different tax preferences – according to a tax position of individual clients, we offer to optimize returns in such a manner, so that these returns give the biggest net value for the client.

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